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I've found it tricky to keep an eye on everything I'm doing for my farm, so I've built this template to keep me on track! 馃懇鈥嶐煂锯湪


  • Databases for the key items and trackables in the game. Includes crops, fish, recipes, bundles, and more.

  • Custom pages for each season. Plan your crops, catch season-exclusive fish, and keep an eye of which events are coming up.

  • Views for recipe cards, so you can quickly find meals which give you different bonuses, and which ingredients you need to make them.

  • Easy-to-use references for villagers. Quickly see their favourite gifts, favourite movies, and what your current affection level is with them.

This is a free download, but if you use and enjoy it, please consider tipping, as it'll help me work on more templates in the future. Thank you! 馃檶

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About me:

Hey I'm Amy! I'm a Notion Certified Consultant and I've been creating things in Notion since 2018. Now I help people and businesses through my own studio, Gubbins.

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