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Add some spores and fungi to your next session! 馃崉

I wanted to use mushrooms in a recent campaign, but couldn't find a solid list online. So I made my own! I got good use out of this list, so I wanted to share it with anyone else that might need it.


  • 100 unique mushrooms, each with their own effects.

  • Easily embed into other Notion pages (i.e. a character sheet) using linked views.

This is a free download, but if you use and enjoy it, please consider tipping, as it'll help me work on more templates in the future. Thank you! 馃檶

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About me:

Hey I'm Amy! I'm a Notion Certified Consultant and I've been creating things in Notion since 2018. Now I help people and businesses through my own studio, Gubbins.

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